Overview of Mediation Offers

Opera and ballet are like life: sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes beautiful, sometimes gruesome, but always real and tangible. No matter how culturally experienced a person already is, we are convinced that an immersion in the world of musical theater will fascinate them and leave a lasting impression. Encounters with artists, insights into the creation process of productions, space to gain experience with body and voice: All of this awakens joy in dance, music and physical expression and encourages a critical examination of art. Here's to the audience of the future!

Offers for Children

Browse through our varied program of events, workshops and vacation courses for children and young people aged between four and 16.

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Offers for (Young) Adults

We offer exciting workshops, open spaces and projects for anyone aged 16 and over to immerse themselves even deeper in the world of musical theater. As Club Jung members, audience members under the age of 27 receive heavily discounted tickets and exclusive glimpses behind the scenes.

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