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Ballet by Cathy Marston
Fri 31 May


Opera by Claudio Monteverdi
Sat 01 Jun


Ballet by Cathy Marston
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Trailer «L'Orfeo»

«A production that breathes the spirit of our time»

Bachtrack, 20.05.24


Live Streaming

ring für alle

The international interest in our interpretation of Richard Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen is many times greater than our small house has seats for. For this reason, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer the second Ring cycle as streaming to those at home. The performances will be broadcast live from the opera house on 18, 20, 24 and 26 May and will remain available free of charge for a month afterwards.

Trailer «Atonement»

Through a deliberate false statement, Briony Tallis, a pubescent, overzealous writer (in Marston's case: choreographer) in 1930s England, puts her older sister’s unfit lover in prison and destroys the lives and loves of two people. Her feeling of guilt accompanies her to the end of her life.


Ian McEwan and Cathy Marston about «Atonement»

Ian McEwan, author of «Atonement», paid a visit to Ballett Zürich and talked about what the ballet version of his book evokes in him.


Open Air

kino für alle

On the evening before oper für alle, we will be showing two cinema films on Sechseläutenplatz. Which ones exactly? A vote is currently underway...

14 Jun 2024

Trailer «Carmen»

«An all-round successful, sensitive and fast-paced production that did full justice to Bizet's masterpiece»

Deutschlandfunk , 08.04.24


Orchestra La Scintilla


Together with the Orchestra La Scintilla, Mahan Esfahani (organ) and Riccardo Minasi (musical direction and violin) will not be presenting well-known classics, but several organ concertos by Bach that have been lost in their original versions. The concerto movements were reconstructed on the basis of cantatas in which Bach took up the musical material and reworked it.

03 Jun 2024


Song recital

Piotr Beczała

Piotr Beczała is one of the most sought-after tenors of our time; he is a former long-time member of the ensemble and a favourite with Zurich audiences. Before he appears in the revival of the operetta Das Land des Lächelns at the end of June, Beczała will give a recital of Russian songs by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov as well as works by Karłowicz, Schumann and Grieg. Together with Helmut Deutsch, one of the most renowned song accompanists of our time, he will perform the evening.

05 Jun 2024


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